Newburn River Run – Race Report

The 2017 edition of this well organised, local race took place over a slightly shorter (but safer) 6-mile route on a hot, humid evening. The flat course also gives club members a great chance to score lots of points towards the club championship

A record 356 participants took part over what is a regular running route for lots of our club members and the pie, sandwich, crisps and chocolate bar handed out afterwards were enjoyed on the balcony of the Leisure Centre by all.

Well done to everyone taking part (Fiona and Mick narrowly missing out as the podium only had two steps at this race). Full results below.


Overall Rank Cat Rank Name Category Running Club Time
42 7 David Levison Male – Over 45 Ponteland Runners 00:39:20
45 4 Nick Wild Male – Over 50 Ponteland Runners 00:39:29
68 33 Daniel Barry Male – Senior Ponteland Runners 00:40:58
79 10 Andrew Hutchinson Male – Over 40 Ponteland Runners 00:41:40
97 3 Michael Meaney Male – Over 60 Ponteland Runners 00:42:45
111 18 Paul Doney Male – Over 45 Ponteland Runners 00:43:41
117 47 Matthew Levison Male – Senior Ponteland Runners (almost!) 00:43:57
133 23 Mark Kelly Male – Over 45 Ponteland Runners 00:44:50
139 53 Adam Brown Male – Senior Ponteland Runners 00:45:19
154 3 Fiona Nicholson Female – Over 50 Ponteland Runners 00:46:23
164 18 Alison Guadagno Male?? – Over 40 Ponteland Runners 00:46:56
166 12 David Legg Male – Over 50 Ponteland Runners 00:47:00
191 9 Heidi Finlay Female – Over 40 Ponteland Runners 00:48:33
217 16 Paul Holborow Male – Over 50 Ponteland Runners 00:50:39
260 22 Grace Holt Female – Senior Ponteland Runners 00:54:18
272 11 Amelia Dakin Female – Over 50 Ponteland Runners 00:55:11


Montenegro 70.3 – brief race report

Great location, excellent course, warmish swim, flattish bike, very flat run, superb organisation, very good value and a good holiday opportunity too.

8 reasons to consider entering Ocean Lava Montenegro in 2018 (and there’s a relay option if you’re a runner so no excuses)

Even the gear lever on my TT bike falling off the first time I went to use it couldn’t spoil the race. Yes, at 28 degrees the run was a tad hot but the free beer at the end (and hot meal) helped no end.

Me doing the Ponteland “авион” as they call it here

If you’re seriously interested in doing this next year then please get in touch with me – I think it would make a great club trip.





Northumberland Half Marathon Race Report


Venue – A very windy Kirkley Hall

Event – A very windy half marathon

Taking part – 362 windswept runners

Weather conditions – err, have you not been paying attention?


17 Pont Runners took on the wind (did I already mention it was windy?) and rain of the Northumberland Half Marathon on Sunday morning with some great results all round and a few PBs too.

Only other thing to mention is that it was a bit windy.





Pos Name Net Time Category Cat Pos Gen Pos Pace
9 Aaron HOYLE 01:21:23 SEN 8 9 3:51 min/km
20 Paul O’NEIL 01:28:48 SEN 16 20 4:12 min/km
50 David LEVISON 01:35:59 V45 8 48 4:33 min/km
52 Neil WARD 01:36:13 V45 10 50 4:33 min/km
56 Daniel BARRY 01:36:30 SEN 29 53 4:34 min/km
65 Roland BROWN 01:38:17 V45 14 61 4:39 min/km
66 Chahal MAVINDER 01:38:36 SEN 32 62 4:40 min/km
81 Abby DORANI 01:40:42 SEN 2 7 4:46 min/km
100 Alex NEWELL 01:42:24 SEN 44 88 4:52 min/km
115 Alison GUADAGNO 01:44:17 V40 7 17 4:57 min/km
122 Elliott WARD 01:45:33 V50 6 104 5:00 min/km
150 Nick WINSLOW 01:48:46 V55 5 127 5:10 min/km
180 Nicola MATTHEWS 01:53:18 V40 12 32 5:22 min/km
232 Nikki RENTON 02:01:30 V45 6 54 5:46 min/km
261 Helen O’NEIL 02:06:26 V35 12 72 6:00 min/km
268 Amelia DAKIN 02:08:07 V50 7 77 6:04 min/km
320 Lynne MIDGLEY-WARD 02:17:49 V45 15 106 6:32 min/km

Alnwick XC Race Report

Well that’s it for another year. Time to hose down those spikes, grease the threads (stops them getting stuck you see) and put them away until we can do it all over again in about 8 months’ time.

And so it was that beside the River Aln our 2016/17 Cross Country season came to a great end in excellent conditions (the Met Office having got this one horribly wrong thankfully).

A really great turnout from the club saw the men going in to the race with the slimmest of chances of getting promoted although sadly the attempted road block of the A1 (to stop other teams getting to the race) was thwarted and they had to settle for third. Both the men and women must be in with a great chance of promotion next year however.

Special shout outs to Abby Dorani and Aaron Hoyle for both producing storming runs and therefore affording themselves the pleasure of the fast pack next season (Abby is currently using her legal training to see if she can extricate herself from this rule but it looks doubtful). It’s also going to be a promotion to the medium pack for David Stroud next year.

The cakes/sausage rolls/pizza were (as always) calorifically splendid and for those able to attend the evening social there were some additional awards to recognise the various efforts and achievements of club members throughout the season.

Final special mentions to Heidi Findlay for falling over and if anyone has the time to teach Chris Kenyon how to properly tie a shoelace it would be much appreciated.

If you’ve never done cross country hopefully the link to the video below gives you an idea of what you’re missing out on.

Cross Country in 1 minute