Club Run Sessions

Structured Leader or Coach Led Club Sessions

Ponteland Runners offer sessions across four different paced groups as follows. Each group will be led by a LiRF ( Leader in Running fitness ) qualified leader.  Meet at Ponteland Leisure Centre Car Park.  Session content and who’s leading will be available on the club website and advertised each week on the facebook page.

A Group

Running between efforts would be around 08:30-09:00 min/mile pace. Efforts would be anywhere from 08:00 – 06:00 min/mile pace depending upon duration and quantity. Comfortable with running 7 miles without a problem. Sessions will be about 60 – 70 minutes in duration and will include a warm-up,  main content and cool-down.  Typical sessions could include intervals,  hill-repeats, fartlek, timed longer efforts and running technique exercises.

B Group

Running between efforts would be around 09:30 – 10:00 min/mile pace. Efforts would be anywhere from 09:00 – 07:00 min/mile pace. Comfortable with running 5 miles without a problem. Session content similar to A group but slightly shorter in overall distance/duration.

C Group ( Improvers )

Running between efforts would be around 10:30 – 11:00 min/mile pace. Efforts would be anywhere from 10:00 – 08:00 min/mile pace. Comfortable with running 3 mils without a problem.

D Group ( Beginners )

Continual running beyond 2 miles is difficult.

AB Combined Group

A schedule designed for both A’s and B’s within a single session. Running between efforts will be around 09:30 pace but will be adjusted on the evening for the attendee’s on the night. Efforts are short in nature so allow the group to remain together despite the wider ability range.

Monday Evenings 19:00hrs

A combined AB group and a C group run on a Monday evening.

Wednesday Evenings 19:00hrs

Three groups will operate on a Wednesday evening, Group A, B and C.  The structure, leaders and content are similar to a Monday evening. D group will be scheduled occassionally and advertised via facebook and the website,  unlike A, B and C the D group is not always available.

Social Club Sessions

Friday 19:00hrs, Sunday 09:00hrs

These sessions will be organised and communicated via facebook posts.  If you are a facebook user please monitor the club facebook page for information.  If there is no information about a run on facebook it will not be taking place.  These sessions will normally have a qualified leader but if not this will be stated on facebook so the attendee’s are aware.

Club Volunteers

All our sessions depend upon the goodwill of the session leaders. Our approach – generously supported by the Tony Blair Sports Foundation – is to continue to train more leaders. So, if you fancy getting more involved, please contact Chris Heppell for more information.