Club Championship


Ponteland Runners 2013 Grand Prix

The club will be running its first championship this year, intended to reward the frequency and quality of competition performances and structured in such a way that all have a chance of picking up a prize[1]. A major objective of the Grand Prix is to see as many Ponteland Runners  as possible promoting the club in races on the roads and paths of the North East and beyond.

  • A competition with points for performances in races over a variety of distances between 5K and marathon during 2013.
  • Handicap system makes adjustments for age and gender.
  • Bonuses for running in extra races.
  • Best Newcastle Park Run and marathon scores included.
  • Automatic free entry for all paid up First Claim members.
  • Prizes to top three overall points scorers.


We have identified 14 races being run during 2013.  Club members who run in these races will get points based upon their finishing time and adjusted – under a system known as WAVA  – for age and gender.  The best 8 scores are added together and, to encourage participation, bonus points are added for finishing other races on the list. There are also opportunities to get points from participating in the Newcastle Park Run and a marathon during the competition period, which is from March to October inclusive.

The WAVA system uses world record information set by people of all ages, male and female.   For example, the world record marathon time for a 60 year old male is 2:38:15. If you’re a 60 year old male and run a marathon in 4:30:00 you would earn a score of 56.73%, because you ran at just over half the record pace.  That translates into 56.73 points in the competition

Here are some more examples of what the scores would be for 40 and 42 minute times, for a 10k race, for 40 and 50 year old male and female runners:

10K 40 minutes 42 minutes
Man – 40 years old 71.02 67.64
Woman – 40 years old 78.56 74.82
Man – 50 years old 76.74 73.09
Woman – 50 years old 86.70 82.57

The results table might look something like this part way through the season.

R 1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Marathon BestPR Bonuses Total
M.Farah 46.55 61.27 78.00 65.32 57.86 77.77 85.12 30.00 501.89
J.Ennis 95.27 71.63 78.90 65.43 56.78 0 99.12 0 467.13


QUALIFYING RACES (details of all can usually be found on ).  The club reserve the right to add or change qualifying races if any of these races are cancelled.

1.  10th March-Run Northumberland Half Marathon

2.  23 March – NEHL cross-country Prudhoe c10K

3. 7th April-  Blyth 10k

4. 12 May –Sunderland Harriers Pier to Pier 7.5 miles

5. 29th May-George Ogle Memorial Race 6 miles

6. 9th June-Blaydon Race 5.9 miles

7. 12 or 19 June  Newburn Riverside 6.5 miles

8. Wednesday in July Tynedale 10K

9. Midweek in July-Bridges of the Tyne 5 Miles

10.  Sunday in September Tynedale 10 Miles

11. Sunday in September Wallington 10K

12.  Sunday 15th September Great North Run Half Marathon

13. 6 October Great Cumbrian Run Half Marathon

14. Saturday in October? NEHL cross-country first race of 2013/14 season

Note: NEHL events are only open to runners registered by their clubs.  If you wish to participate in these races and are not yet registered please contact Jon Parkin, who runs the Harriers teams

Grand Prix rules

  1. Your best 8 Grand Prix WAVA scores will count towards your total score.
  2. The highest overall score will win the Grand Prix.
  3. There will be prizes for the top three positions.
  4. One marathon score can be included in the top 8 scores.
  5. Your best Newcastle Park Run score between March and October 2013 can be included in the top eight scores.
  6. Participation is restricted to paid up First Claim club members.
  7. Bonus points – once eight races have been completed, 10 bonus points per additional qualifying race completed will be earned.  This bonus will reward runners for their additional commitment and act as an incentive to compete in more than the eight ‘counting’ events. One Park Run and one marathon can be bonus events if not included in your best eight scores (see above)

Please note that in the unlikely event of a tie at the end of the Grand Prix, the Committee’s decision is final, as it is if we need to tweak the rules in light of experience of this, our first attempt at a club competition.

So get involved and start planning your racing calendar.  Regular Grand Prix updates will be provided throughout 2013 via the website and Facebook

[1] The structure owes much to that employed by Alnwick Harriers who have been running such a championship very successfully for a couple of years.