Club Championship Results

Below is the final version of the club’s first championship. It has run over eight months and 42 club members have run at least one qualifying race.  The 24 women and 18 men completed 122 races in all, with the largest turnouts in the Great North Run (21) and the Blaydon Race (18).  A noteworthy 13 took to the cross-country field at Blaydon last week. The result was in doubt until the last race when I pipped Jon Parkin to first prize, the scores being 602 points from 12 races versus 600 from 13.  Eva Lowther was third with 578 from 9 races. The best individual race score was for a long time held by Sue Bayliss (77.57) but she was edged out by Joanne Brown’s GNR score of 78.11. The competition will be run again next year.  David Buffham

Please note if the results spreadsheet below is not displaying correctly use the download link and view in excel on your own computer.

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