Club Championship

Ponteland Runners Annual Club Championships

Every year the runs a club championship and Parkrun competition intended to reward the frequency and quality of competition performances and structured in such a way that all have a chance of picking up a prize. A major objective is to see as many Ponteland Runners as possible promoting the club in races on the roads and paths of the North East and beyond.


For the club championship we use the WAVA system which uses world record information set by people of all ages, male and female.   For example, if the world record marathon time for a 60 year old male is 2:38:15 and you’re a 60 year old male and run a marathon in 4:30:00 you would earn a score of 56.73%, because you ran at just over half the record pace.  That translates into 56.73 points in the competition

Here are some recent examples of what the scores would be for 40 and 42 minute times, for a 10k race, for 40 and 50 year old male and female runners:

10K 40 minutes 42 minutes
Man – 40 years old 71.02 67.64
Woman – 40 years old 78.56 74.82
Man – 50 years old 76.74 73.09
Woman – 50 years old 86.70 82.57

The results table might look something like this part way through the season.

R 1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Marathon BestPR Bonuses Total
M.Farah 46.55 61.27 78.00 65.32 57.86 77.77 85.12 30.00 501.89
J.Ennis 95.27 71.63 78.90 65.43 56.78 0 99.12 0 467.13

More details about the championships can be found on the relevant pages under the “Racing” menu. 

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