Ponteland Runners / Ponteland Tri

Ponteland Runners is a very friendly local running & Tri club meeting in Ponteland.  We have a current membership well over 180.  Ponteland Runners have a well co-ordinated and active group of England Athletics LiRF ( Leadership in Running Fitness ) Qualified Leaders leading our runs, you can see details of the run leaders on Training->Coaches and Leaders page here. We also have British Triathlon Coaches & British Cycling Coaches providing Tri related sessions as appropriate. We have worked in partnership with England Athletics and Triathlon England to provide support and funding for these qualifications.

Many of our club members compete in local events including, park runs, fun runs, 10k, half & full marathons, duathlons and triathlons.  We have members who cover a wide variety of sporting interests, fell running, triathlon, duathlon, boot camp, road cycling, mountain biking and multi-sport challenge events, at both individual and team level have all been completed by members of Ponteland Runners/Tri.

If you’re interested in running or starting running contact us and you’ll be made very welcome to run with us for a few weeks before deciding if we are the club for you.  New members in the past at various levels of ability have benefited from adding our sessions to their training.  You’re also more than welcome to just turn up to any of our sessions and introduce yourself to the session leader.

Ponteland Runners History – Est. 2005

Ponteland Runners was formed in 2005 when a number of local people decided that they would like to improve their fitness and run in and around Ponteland.  The first event the club took part in was the 2006 Blaydon Race. The original participants were mostly married couples so the Monday night run featured a ladies and then a mens run an hour apart to allow shared childminding.  England AthleticsThe Club affiliated with England Athletics in 2007. The Blaydon Race and The Great North Run are still major events for the club with good numbers participating each year. These and other local races now form part of our annual Club Championship competition which helps promote racing within the club.

The club decided in 2011 to advertise to encourage new members.  This enabled us to grow towards our current membership level.  Advertisements were made in the “Ponteland News and Views” magazine and produced more enquiries than actual runners.  Obviously it’s easier to enquire than to actually turn up!! Ponteland Runners Sessions are now also advertised via the Run England website.

In 2012 the club entered into partnership with England Athletics and the Tony Blair Sports Foundation in order to gain LiRF ( Leadership in Running Fitness ) qualifications for volunteers in the club.  The objective is to provide more running sessions in Ponteland to cater for all abilities, especially beginners,  hopefully some of whom will later join the club. The secondary objective is to ultimately provide a junior section of the club if we gain enough interest and volunteers. During Spring 2013 Ponteland Runners worked with Ponteland High School to run junior sessions in partnership with the school. Hopefully Ponteland Runners can continue to provide a friendly running club for local people in the years to come.

Ponteland Runners – 2012-2014

The club participated in the NE Winter Harrier League for the first time in the winter of 2012/2013 and many of the club members have enjoyed a return to cross-country running which they have not experienced since school,  quite a long break for many!  We have continued to participate in the Winter Harrier League which proves very popular with members. The cake and coffee in the tent sometimes more popular than the actual running!!!

In Autumn 2013 Ponteland Runners have added a Triathlon Section and gained support from Triathlon England to facilitate the members who now have Triathlon coaching qualifications so we can support club members into Duathlon and Triathlon in 2014.  This new venture also added another name “Ponteland Tri” to the club,  the name under which our members can compete in BTF ( British Triathlon Federation ) events.

The club has ran ladies cycle rides and chaingang style evening cycling sessions at different times for the cyclists and triathletes in the club. We have also provided cycling and transition coaching at various times. Since Jan 2014 we are offering coached swim sessions at Ponteland via Tri4u coaching.   Also since Jan 2014 we run occasional  10 week running series for absolute beginners to get more people into running.

In 2014 the club had great attendance at the local “Ponteland Triathlon” with 2nd place in the overall event and 3rd in the ladies vets and 3rd in the men’s supervets thanks to Martin Hallissey, Sue Heppell and Paul Armstrong respectively.  Many of the local triathlon’s now show “Ponteland Tri” members on the results listings showing that the club expansion into triathlon has been really successful.  Many new joiners to the club now are triathletes.

In future we hope to continue to grow and support sport in the community of Ponteland.  We have an interest in extending activities to juniors and as such are always looking for people interested in volunteering time to extend community based sport to Junior members.

Ponteland Runners – Latest Developments

Early in 2015 Ponteland Runners changed the sessions we offer throughout the week to better serve the members and community.  Previously the Monday evening 20:00hrs session was the only structured session but since Feb 2015 the club now offers a structured session on both Monday ( 19:00hrs ) and Wednesday ( 19:00hrs ) for two groups on a Monday and five on a Wednesday. This enables a wide range of runners to participate in sessions that suite their ability.

Since 2014 Ponteland Tri has run a series of Go-Tri events in Ponteland,  these have been very successful in getting club members and others to “have a go” at a mini triathlon in a friendly supportive environment.

The Future

If possible the club would like to expand and offer our club members some “core training” sessions to supplement the running sessions. We would also like to expand eventually into a junior section for running,  and maybe ultimately juniors for triathlon.  If you are interested in volunteering to facilitate any of these developments don’t hesitate to get in touch with the club secretary.