Newsletter – November 2017

Although we rely on our Facebook posts for most club news, every now and then we circulate a newsletter to all of the email addresses we have for members. With the club continuing to grow apace, there is lots going on so here are some of the upcoming events and other news…….

 Bowling Night on Saturday 2nd December 26 club members are heading to Eldon Leisure Bowling to see if they can bowl any better than they can run. If anyone else is interested in joining the group please contact Abby Dorani who will make enquiries. You can contact Abby at Continue reading

Aykley Heads XC – 18th November 2017

Thanks to Ann-Marie Shield for the following race report:

My first Wednesday run with Ponteland runners everyone was going on about the start of the cross country season coming up, “its great fun and the hot chocolate and cakes more than make up for the mud”… hmmmm I wasn’t convinced. Mud plus cold plus hills did not sound very fun and I thought everyone was plain crazy! I certainly didn’t think 2 months later I would be rocking up to Aykley heads with spikes in hand ready to run.

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