GO TRI Ponteland

Go Tri Ponteland – 2019

Ponteland Tri will be hosting three GO-TRI events in 2019 in addition to our Sprint Tri Event in June. These are very friendly, low-cost and popular events. The dates for these will be:

Wednesday 15th May, 5th June and 17th July @7pm.

GO TRI is an initiative launched by Triathlon England to provide people with the opportunity to take part in multisport events regularly and at a minimal cost. The events will be low key and therefore perfect for those wanting to give triathlon a go without the pressure of a full race event.

The aim of the events is for people to discover the sport and enjoying the achievement of finishing an event and believing that triathlon and its multi related distances is for them. For many who take part this will be there first entry into the sport and from there they will go onto standard club and commercial events already established on the calendar. The events will be short, easy to access and regular.

Wednesday Evening Go Tri’s:

As with previous years the Go Tri’s for 2019 are all based at Ponteland leisure centre and will start at 19:00hrs on Wednesday evenings: Wednesday 15th May, 5th June and 17th July.

The cost per entry will remain at only £10. Team entries are allowed.

The minimum age for participants is 15 however, competitors who are currently 14 but will be 15 by 31st December 2019 can enter. The places available for each event are limited to 70 and therefore, pre-entry is required to avoid disappointment. Entry is available on the day unless sold out before hand.

We are using Triconnect event entry system this year. Please follow the links to enter the events or go to Triathlon England Events page.

Book your place quickly to avoid disappointment – these are always extremely popular events and sell out in advance (usually).

Event detail

Swim – 200m (8 lengths)

The swim participants will be set off at individual times and swim 2 lengths in each of the 4 lanes making in total an 8 length (200m) swim. Swimmers will start in lane 1, swim 2 lengths then duck under the lane ropes to lane 2. In lane 2 they will swim 2 lengths then duck under the lane ropes to lane 3. This is then repeated in lane 3 and 4 as illustrated below.


Bike route

The bike route is unchanged from last year and can be found on strava here. The route will be sign posted with large yellow signs with black direction arrows.

Run Route

The run route is the same as last year and can be found on Strava here










Please ensure you are familiar with the route and follow the red and white Go Tri signs placed around the route. Please follow the highway code at all times.

A copy of the event rules can be found here.

Parking will be at Ponteland High School to avoid congestion in the leisure centre car park. This is only approx 300m from the leisure centre.

Marshals will be present to make sure the entrance to the leisure centre is kept clear of traffic for the safety of the participants.

We are always keen to enlist the help of volunteers for these events as without their help, these events would not take place. If you would like to help volunteer, please contact Sue at gotri@pontelandtri.org.uk.

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