Please find below a list of FAQ’s.  If your question is not listed please email it to the club secretary,  it will then be answered by email,  and if relevant added to this list for future reference.

Are there two Clubs Ponteland Runners and Ponteland Tri?

No.  These are just two names for the same club.  When the club affiliated to Triathlon England we decided to use the name “Ponteland Tri” for that affiliation and to race under.  All members are members of both Ponteland Runners and Ponteland Tri.

Do I have to be Olympic standard Athlete to join your club?

Absolutely not.  The objective of Ponteland Runners is to provide a friendly community based running club.  Although some of our club members can run to a reasonable standard we are not an elite club.  Our main sessions are always structured to enable a wide variety of running abilities to train together.  I would encourage anyone thinking about the club to give it a try and see, or speak to a member of the committee about your interest.  We have a range of sessions to allow people to come along and meet the club members in an friendly environment.

Will I be expected to do run road races?

No. It is entirely up to the individual.  We have members who race,  and many who do not and have no desire to.

Will I have to do a Triathlon?

Absolutely not.  The Tri section is for those interested.  Ponteland Runners is primarily a running club,  and no pressure is put on anyone to run road races,  and certainly not to do a Triathlon.  We have many members who do not enter any events but just train with us.

Are there any changing facilties available?

Currently our runners all turn up ready changed so nobody uses the facilities at the leisure centre,  however the leisure centre at Ponteland are aware we meet and run from the location and we have a space on the notice board in the centre.

Do I need expensive running kit and shoes?

No, although a proper pair of running shoes would be advised.

Will I get left behind if I cannot keep up with the pace?

No.  Sessions are structured to cater for multiple abilities.  Loopbacks are often included for this reason. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s we have multiple groups out at differing paces, speak to a run leader to establish the best group o join.

Do I get a membership card if I join the club?

You will receive an electronic membership card from England Athletics with your competition license number on.  You do not receive a card from Ponteland Runners,  you will be registered with England Athletics via Ponteland Runners as an affiliated club.   Second claim members will not receive an electronic card from EA.

Do I have to pay to attend a training session?

No, but you do need to join Ponteland Runners once you’ve tried a maximum of 4 sessions.  Annual subs are currently £20 for the year for full membership, which includes your affiliation to England Athletics. For second claim membership the annual cost is £3.

I would like to join but cannot make your current sessions, do you have any plans for alternative sessions?

We provide structured sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays and a long run on Sundays.  There are no current plans to extend beyond these sessions.

Do you offer Coaching or Training advice for members from your coaches?

All of our leaders are qualified but the vast majority cannot offer individual training plans or advice.  However we have a wide experience in training within the membership of the club so discussions with others at sessions is often very productive.  Our Level 2 Triathlon coaches can provide general advice on triathlon,  but specific individual training plans are limited to Level 2 diploma and Level 3 coaches. We have one coach with the Level 2 diploma qualification.

Do you offer junior membership and sessions for juniors?

We do have junior membership available,  at the same price as senior membership. The club is in the process of establishing a junior Triathlon section.  All current Leaders hold a valid DBS.

Do you offer Social or None Competitive Membership of Ponteland Runners?

No we only offer full or second claim membership.

I already run with an athletics club,  can I also run with Ponteland Runners?

Yes.  England Athletics have a concept of a second claim club.  You can only race for one club and that is your first claim club.  If you already run for another club and wish to join Ponteland Runners second claim so you can join our training sessions that is fine.  We already have second claim members from a number of local clubs.  You can only race for your named First Claim club.

How to I switch running clubs, either to Ponteland Runners or away if leaving?

If you’re leaving Ponteland Runners and wish to join another club, or if you wish to join another club as a first claim member and change your Ponteland Runners membership to second claim you will need to submit a “Change of Club” form to England Athletics along with a £10 fee to change clubs.  The club secretary can assist you in this process.

If you’re leaving another club and joining Ponteland Runners as your first claim club you also need to submit a “Change of Club” form but you’ll need assistance from the club you’re leaving as they need to complete parts of the form.

How do I get involved in the Winter Harrier League?

Once you’ve joined the club contact our cross country captain who will register you so you can race in the Harrier League.  This is a series of 6 races over the Winter for which are included free for full members of Ponteland Runners. Only EA registered runners can take part in cross country.

Does Ponteland Runners welcome triathletes to training sessions?

Ponteland Runners is also called Ponteland Tri and is affiliated with Triathlon England as a club.  We have many members who are active participants in local triathlons and duathlons and train regularly for running, swimming and bike.  Feel free to come along and train with us and you’ll find other members who are entering local events.  If you’re considering doing your first triathlon come along as you’ll be able to talk to others who’ve done the same in the last few years.

What’s the age range of your current membership?

Ponteland Runners range from early 20’s to late 60’s.  Our average age would probably be early to mid 40’s.  But don’t worry about age as we cater for all abilities and make everyone welcome.

How can I get involved in Leading Runs for Ponteland Runners?

If you want more information talk to any of the committee and they will be happy to explain the details.

I can’t run but would like to, do you offer complete beginners sessions?

We do offer beginners sessions but these are ran in 10 week blocks occasionally and aim to get people from none running to running 5k comfortably so they can progress to the normal club training sessions.  Contact the club secretary if you are interested and you’ll be informed of the next set of sessions.

Do you have discounted membership for students or unemployed?

As we try to keep membership to a minimum we don’t currently have discounts for students or unemployed as we have not yet felt this was necessary.  However, as a community based club we do wish to support these groups and if you wish to join the club and the current membership fee is a problem please contact the treasurer who will discuss this in complete confidence.

 Do you have women’s only sessions?

Not currently. However about 50 percent of the club is female so the majority of sessions do include both men and ladies.  If you want more specific information please contact the club secretary.

Does Ponteland Runners run in Fell Races?

The FRA ( Fell Runners Association ) defines the rules of competition as the UKA rules.  You can compete in FRA races as a club member for Ponteland Runners.  As such your results will count for Ponteland Runners in any FRA competition.  ( It is possible to be First claim for one club for Road racing, but First claim for another for Fell Running. You can discuss this with any member of the committee if needed. )

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