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Ponteland Runners/Tri club have coaches qualified by British Cycling, British Triathlon and England Athletics who organise and write the sessions delivered by the Club. The club also has many active LiRF (Leader in Running Fitness) qualified leaders who deliver these run sessions.  The LiRF is a qualification that ensures our leaders can provide runs in a safe environment for all members of the club.  As members of England Athletics with a LiRF qualification the leaders are insured to lead these runs.


David Levison LiRF L2 Tri Coach

I took up running again in 2011 after a break of about 25 years and completed my first triathlon in 2013 before joining the club in 2014. Since then I’ve taken part in numerous triathlons (including my first Ironman race in 2016), road races, cross country events and have definitely got “the bug”. I love being part of the club and the supportive, friendly environment it provides. I’m usually at club sessions on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Tina Kelly LiRF L2 Tri Coch

After a break of several years, Tina has returned to running and triathlons after participating in the Ponteland Triathlon in 2014. Tina says of the Club “Ponteland Runners is such a friendly and accepting club that I have felt confident enough to try my hand at cross country and thoroughly enjoyed the various events, team spirit and mud! I’ve definitely become addicted and got the race bug, attending lots of local races in my goal to achieve a sub 1hr 10K goal! Everyone in the club has been really supportive and encouraging and I hope that I can also convey this to the beginners and intermediate runners that I lead on Monday and Wednesdays.”

Sarah Levison L2 Tri Coach

I started running in my 30s when I realised running for a bus was hard. I did my first Great North Run in 2012. I have done a number of 10K and half marathons, with my first marathon in 2014 and a couple of sprint distance Triathlons (the short ones) along the way. Since joining Ponteland Runners/Tri I have enjoyed sharing sport with likeminded people and love the supportive friendly feel of the club. I am passionate about helping people get into sport hence completing my Level 1 British Triathlon coach training in 2018.

Run Leaders

Chris Kenyon LiRF

A keen Park runner and regular at Ponteland Runners, Chris assists in leading runs on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday club sessions.

Victoria Grace LiRF

I’ve been into running on and off since my early twenties and completed a few GNRs on my own.  After having my kids I got back into running primarily as I knew it was good for my mental health.  I trained with the club for the 2015 GNR and found that the friendships that I made gave me a new passion for running and did wonders for my self-esteem and state of mind.  

Following on from this (and clearly high on running-endorphins) I said yes to a marathon – something I would have never believed possible – and completed the Edinburgh Marathon in 2016, then the Liverpool Rock & Roll Marathon the following year. I try to run regularly and enter some races, but get just as much from the escape of running as I do from chasing times.  The club has provided many great experiences that I never would have had on my own – cross-country mud, short-fast relays, off-road head-torch adventures and wheelbarrow racing. The best bit about joining the club has been meeting so many friendly, inspirational and supportive people and I became a run leader to try to help continue this vibe.

Theo Fourie LiRF

It all started with a couch to 10K challenge in 2010. After the first initial shock of running my first few miles, I soon became confident in running and set myself the next challenge of doing the GNR in 2011.

After completing my first GNR in a time of 2hr30, I was determined to improve on this time and before I knew it I had 5 GNR’s under the belt. With each challenge I set myself I became a bit competitive and eventually I entered and completed that ultimate runners challenge by doing the London Marathon in 2014. During the months of training leading up to this event I realised how lonely these long hour of training could be and partly lost that passion and spark for running.

In 2017 I decided to get back out there after hanging up my running shoes for a while, by join the club. In doing so I enjoy the social aspect of running with others, but also to keep motivated and committed to staying fit and active. I decided to become a run leader to promote running in others and to change the negative self-perception that people might have around this activity.

Matty Bell LiRF

Matty has been running since 2010 and has now completed events all the way to Marathon. He is also very keen on Triathlon although the Marathon training seems to take over and he doesn’t get as much “Tri” in as he would like. Matty lead runs on a Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays. He also leads the Sunday long run sessions which are ideal for anyone taking on the longer distances.

Nikki Renton LiRF

I got into running after joining the beginners group offered by Ponteland Runners in 2013. I had never been a runner but always fancied giving it a go. I found the group very friendly and supportive and in no time I was able to run for 30 minutes without gasping for breath! Since February 2015, I have attended the two Club sessions on a weekly basis and felt that I could start challenging myself to participate in some of the local races. I have now done several of these and even had a go at the Go Tri’s that the Club puts on. They have even convinced me to give Cross Country a go over the winter months. I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey through the Club, making new friends and the support that I have been given. I am now keen to support and encourage any new runners to ensure they enjoy their journey through the Club as much as I have.

Abby Dorani LiRF

I began running in 2014 to train for the Great North Run. Immediately after the event, I put my running shoes in the cupboard and they went untouched until March 2015 when training began again for the Great North Run. After the run, my trainers were hidden away again under a pile of junk until February 2016 when I built up the courage to  join Ponteland Runners. I now attend the sessions every Wednesday and try to join other club members on Friday and Sunday runs too. I’ve taken part in a number of races, started training for triathlons, enjoyed getting slathered in mud at Cross Country and managed to take 47 minutes of my half marathon time, all thanks to the support of the club. I had never realised how much fun exercise could be and I hope to help others enjoy the experience as much as I have!

Andrea Taylor LiRF

I started running again in 2017 having entered the GNR, which I had previously ran about 20 years earlier!  I decided to give Ponteland Runners a go, at one of the Open Sessions and have never looked back.  I loved the GNR so much, that I went on to do it again in 2018, also taking on the Kielder Half Marathon the same year, along with a number of shorter races.  I enjoy the social aspect of the club, having made lots of great friends since I joined. The “headspace” that I get from running can’t be ignored.  I’m not the fastest, but I’m taking part, which is what is important to me.  In 2018 I was asked to become a Run Leader as part of C Group and I hope to encourage others to gain as much from running as I do.

James Leiper LiRF

Until my late thirties I played a lot of football but was finding that I was getting injured every time I took to the field so I had to find another sport.

At this time (2015) I was introduced to Ponteland runners through a friend and have never looked back.

I enjoy all of the club sessions from a fitness aspect and just as much the social aspect. Running is thought of as a lonely sport and I thought I would never get the camaraderie that football gave me, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As a club we compete in numerous team events with my favourite being the cross country season.

Paul Doney – LiRF

In 2013, I set myself a challenge. I wanted to beat my Great North Run time from 26 years previous.

The buzz I got from the challenge and the obvious health benefits to running, spurred me on to my first marathon. I joined Ponteland runners in 2014 because I felt there was a serious under representation of tall, middle aged balding blokes. I was also looking for support and company, especially when running distances, as I like to talk, almost as much as I like to run. I have continued to push myself, completing The Wall in 2015 and The Jurassic Coast Challenge in 2017. I find the varied training sessions of real benefit as they improve my times and my confidence to run further. I also enjoy the social aspect of running at events and the chance to get my tall balding head in more team photos!

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