Club Championship 2015

Ponteland Runners 2015 Club Championship

This is the third running of the club championship which has been closely fought and very popular in the past.  There have been some changes to the structure, intended to encourage a wider participation amongst the membership.  The competition will this year feature more choice of races, run between April and October and at distances between 5K and about half marathon.


We have selected a number of good local races (see table below).Club members who run in any of these races will get points based upon their finishing time and adjusted – under a well-established system known as WMA  – for age and gender.  The runner’s best 4 scores are added together and the winner will be the person with the highest score.

The 4 “best scoring” races must comprise:

1 x short race up to 5km

2 x medium races of length greater than 5km but less than 10 miles

1 x long race of 10miles or more

Entry to the club championship is automatic and free.  Just run.  Updates will be produced after each of the races.


The overall winner will receive the club championship trophy, to retain for one year, as well as £30 Start Fitness vouchers. There will be vouchers for the person finishing second and a draw for vouchers for all those who complete four best scoring races, excluding those who finish first and second in the competition. So, there are chances to win however quick you are.


The competition is only open to paid up, first claim members of Ponteland Runners.

In the unlikely event of a tie at the end of the competition, the Committee’s decision is final, as it is if we need to tweak the rules in light of experience.  Any correspondence to

QUALIFYING RACES (more details on ).

The club reserve the right to add or change qualifying races if any of these races are cancelled or entry is judged to be too difficult. We will endeavour to publicise details of entry dates (Blaydon, Coastal Run and Great North Run places are already fully taken)


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