Strava Segments

Strava Segments

Many Runners and Cyclists use GPS devices to enable them to track performance.  Many of these devices can be used to upload run data into Strava.  Ponteland Runners use a number  of measured run distances in Ponteland during training sessions and we have build Strava Segments for many of these training runs.

The most common devices used are Garmin GPS watches but the Strava App on an Android or iphone will provide data direct to Strava.  It’s great fun to watch your own performance and Strava will give you recognition for your own fastest times on these routes as well as maintaining an overall leaderboard.

Here are the links to the leaderboard for our segments.

Ponteland Runners Timed 1mile Strava Segment.

Ponteland Runners Times 1km Strava Segment.

Ponteland Runners Times 5km tempo Run Strava Segment.

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