Club Run Sessions – Monday 2nd Feb Onwards

From Monday 2nd Feb the club is running sessions on Monday 20:00hrs and Wednesday 19:00hrs every week with two groups at each session.

Group A will be slightly quicker with additional efforts than the Group B.  The planned sessions and leaders are as follows.  Details of sessions can also be found on the club website under Training and will be maintained there in future.  If you are interested and want more details about the club sessions contact the secretary or coach coordinator.

Date Day Group Leader Session
02/02/2015 Monday A Chris Heppell Hill Repeats
02/02/2015 Monday B Kelly Graham Hill Repeats
04/02/2015 Wednesday A Matty Bell Fartlek Session
04/02/2015 Wednesday B David Buffham Fartlek Session
09/02/2015 Monday A Andy Gowens Pyramid Intervals
09/02/2015 Monday B Jon Parkin Pyramid Intervals
11/02/2015 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon 1mile efforts
11/02/2015 Wednesday B Kelly Graham 1km efforts
16/02/2015 Monday A Andy Gowens 1km Efforts
16/02/2015 Monday B Jon Parkin Ladywell Way
18/02/2015 Wednesday A Matty Bell 30/30, 60/60, 90/90
18/02/2015 Wednesday B Sue Heppell 20/20, 30/30, 40/40
23/02/2015 Monday A Chris Heppell Ladywell Way
23/02/2015 Monday B Sue Heppell 0.5km efforts
25/02/2015 Wednesday A David Buffham Hill Repeats
25/02/2015 Wednesday B Tina Kelly Hill Repeats
02/03/2015 Monday A Chris Kenyon Technique Session
02/03/2015 Monday B Kelly Graham Technique Session
04/03/2015 Wednesday A Matty Bell Pyramid Intervals
04/03/2015 Wednesday B Tina Kelly Pyramid Intervals
09/03/2015 Monday A Chris Heppell Fartlek Session
09/03/2015 Monday B Jon Parkin Fartlek Session
11/03/2015 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon Ladywell Way
11/03/2015 Wednesday B Tina Kelly Ladywell Way
16/03/2015 Monday A Chris Heppell 1mile efforts
16/03/2015 Monday B David Buffham 1km efforts
18/03/2015 Wednesday A Joanne Brown 30/30, 60/60, 90/90
18/03/2015 Wednesday B Tina Kelly 20/20, 30/30, 40/40
23/03/2015 Monday A Chris Heppell Technique Session
23/03/2015 Monday B Jon Parkin Technique Session
25/03/2015 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon 1km Efforts
25/03/2015 Wednesday B Tina Kelly 0.5km Efforts
30/03/2015 Monday A Andy Gowens Hill Repeats
30/03/2015 Monday B Sue Heppell Hill Repeats
01/04/2015 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon Fartlek Session
01/04/2015 Wednesday B David Buffham Fartlek Session