AGM – Meeting Minutes – 7th September 2014

AGM – Meeting minutes – 7th September 2014

Present:  D Buffham, C Heppell, S Heppell, J Parkin, D Legg, Paul Holborrow, Elaine Stroud, Helen Moor, Joanne Brown, Matty Bell, Chris Kenyon, Alex Kinsey

Secretaries Report

  • Membership has increased to 108, 76 Full members and 32 Social/Second Claim members.
  • A club newsletter will be out in the Autumn with an article from the Beginners, the Harrier League, Triathlon section, Update on Club Championship and the Long Run Group.

Treasurers Report

  • Accounts for 2013-2014 were presented to the attendee’s.  It was pointed out that the club continue’s to apply for grants and funding were possible and keep membership fee’s low.  Main expense items are leadership & coaching courses. Accounts can be viewed here.  Any questions please address to the treasurer.
  • The clubs accounts have been independantly reviewed to ensure they are a true and fair reflection of the club’s finance.

Chairman’s Address

  • The chairman reported that growth in the club had been excellent,  driven from the beginners and the triathlon sections in the last year.
  • The attendance at sessions has been good with particular mention to Suzanne and the beginners.
  • Race participation has been good with 16 at Blaydon Race, 28 at GNR, 12 at Ashington Triathlon and 16 at Ponteland Triathlon.
  • The chairman explained that committee will change slightly this year as Matthias is standing down as club coach.  David thanked Matthias for the work he did is establishing the main Monday night session for the club and developing it to what it is today.
  • Chairman then moved on to committee elections.

Election of Committee

  • The following proposed committee members were put forward and elected by the attending members.
  • Chairman – David Buffham
  • Secretary – Sue Heppell
  • Treasurer – Paul Holborrow
  • Coach Coordinator – Chris Heppell
  • Ordinary Member – Dave Legg
  • Ordinary Member – Jon Parkin
  • David welcomed Paul to the committee in the role of treasurer.  Chris thanked Paul for the assistance that he had given in completing last years accounts.


  • Joanne Brown asked about a relay race as part of the Winter Harrier League.  Jon will confirm costs to Paul but provided not excessive they indicated that the club would fund teams in this relay.
  • Joanne Brown asked whether the club would be applying for a London Marathon place for 2015.  CH replied that we would and it would be available to the club for anybody interested who failed to get a place via the standard application.

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