Club Run Sessions Feb-Apr 2015

The latest schedule of Club Runs is as follows:-

Date Day Group Leader Session
02/02/2015 Monday A Chris Heppell Hill Repeats
02/02/2015 Monday B Kelly Graham Hill Repeats
04/02/2015 Wednesday A Matty Bell Fartlek Session
04/02/2015 Wednesday B David Buffham Fartlek Session
09/02/2015 Monday A Andy Gowens Pyramid Intervals
09/02/2015 Monday B Jon Parkin Pyramid Intervals
11/02/2015 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon 1mile efforts
11/02/2015 Wednesday B Kelly Graham 1km efforts
16/02/2015 Monday A Andy Gowens 1km Efforts
16/02/2015 Monday B Jon Parkin Ladywell Way
18/02/2015 Wednesday A Matty Bell 30/30, 60/60, 90/90
18/02/2015 Wednesday B Sue Heppell 20/20, 30/30, 40/40
23/02/2015 Monday A Chris Heppell Ladywell Way
23/02/2015 Monday B Sue Heppell 0.5km efforts
25/02/2015 Wednesday A David Buffham Hill Repeats
25/02/2015 Wednesday B Tina Kelly Hill Repeats
02/03/2015 Monday A Chris Kenyon Technique Session
02/03/2015 Monday B Kelly Graham Technique Session
04/03/2015 Wednesday A Matty Bell Pyramid Intervals
04/03/2015 Wednesday B Tina Kelly Pyramid Intervals
09/03/2015 Monday A Chris Heppell Fartlek Session
09/03/2015 Monday B Jon Parkin Fartlek Session
11/03/2015 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon Ladywell Way
11/03/2015 Wednesday B Tina Kelly Ladywell Way
16/03/2015 Monday A Chris Heppell 1mile efforts
16/03/2015 Monday B David Buffham 1km efforts
18/03/2015 Wednesday A Joanne Brown 30/30, 60/60, 90/90
18/03/2015 Wednesday B Tina Kelly 20/20, 30/30, 40/40
23/03/2015 Monday A Chris Heppell Technique Session
23/03/2015 Monday B Jon Parkin Technique Session
25/03/2015 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon 1km Efforts
25/03/2015 Wednesday B Tina Kelly 0.5km Efforts
30/03/2015 Monday A Andy Gowens Hill Repeats
30/03/2015 Monday B Sue Heppell Hill Repeats
01/04/2015 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon Fartlek Session
01/04/2015 Wednesday B David Buffham Fartlek Session

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