Committee Meeting minutes 05 November 2017

Committee Meeting minutes 05 November 2017 19:00hrs

Present: DB, PH, CH, SH, AD, DL

Apologies: NR

  • Finance update provided by PH
    • Look at membership costs at Jan meeting
  • X-Country – Flag – shorter than expected as the dimension of the flag is from ground level rather than off the ground. SH to liaise with supplier to see if an ‘extension’ is available.
  • Safety discussed as an ongoing issue in the village. All leaders to be aware of issue and feedback any issues. All to wear hi-viz, SH to pass Skyride high viz tops out to those who don’t wear hi-viz.
  • Post Xmas Party TBA – towards end Jan. Same format as previous years
  • Communication of run/ride/swims – these should all be on closed page.
  • New member information – DL to write a new page on the website especially for new members
  • Membership – SH to send leaders membership list so non-members can be asked to join.
  • Club policies & procedure to be reviewed and updated – DB. Some needed for Triathlon club mark – SH to provide.
  • Ponteland Triathlon: The Club hosting a “Ponteland sprint Triathlion” was discussed, costs look favourable and a date has been proposed.  Decision required by 21st Nov in order to register the event so it can be included in the regional grand prix. SH to action.

Next meeting Sunday 7th January 19:00hrs

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