Ponteland Tri has the objective of making your first TriAthlon/DuAthlon or Aquathon an enjoyable experience and supporting members through to achieving that first “Multi-discipline” event.

For many Runners or Cyclists the starting point is a DuAthlon.  Duathlon is structured as a Run/Bike/Run and can be on-road or off-road.  Tackling a DuAthlon before trying a TriAthlon can be a great way to experience the T2, plus getting all the atmosphere from the event.  ( T2 is the second transition, which can be an experience if you’ve not done one before as the legs have to change from cycling to running rapidly. )

For Ponteland Runners their are two local early season Duathlons worth considering.  These are Morpeth and Stockton.  Links to these events will be added as soon as annouced for 2014.

Here is some background from last years events.

Morpeth Duathlon 2013

Stockton Duathlon 2013

Stockton offers a Novice event with distances 2k run, 10k cycle and 1k run, ideal for first timers.  They also have Sprint 5k/20k/2.5k and Standard 10k/40k/5k distances.

If you are up for an off-road challenge,  fell running and mountain biking,  you may be interested in Keilder Duathlon,  entries are open for this years event on Sunday 1st Dec 2013.  Two Ponteland Runners took part in this event in 2012.

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