What’s the Money Spent on?

Ponteland Runners Finances

Ponteland Runners pays England Athletics an Affliation fee of £50 for the Club to affiliate.  In additon for 2013-2014 we will pay England Athletics £10 per competitive Athlete.  The £15 annual subs you pay are used to pay the £10 for your individual competition license from England Athletics, and a contribution towards the £50 club fee.  Any additional funds are held in the club Bank Account to be used for the benefit of the club and members.

To ensure transparency in terms of club finances the treasurer will share details of the club finances with any member who wishes to inspect them.

The committee will continue to ensure that club fees are kept as low as possible,  and we do continue to be one of the cheapest affiliated clubs in the North East.  We would like to accumulate some funding so that further Coaching qualifications can be funded as and when volunteers in the club wish to pursue these.  The committee will continue to apply for funding and grants for the benefit of the club whenever these are available.

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