Ponteland Runners – Committee Meeting 18th Sept 2016

Ponteland Runners – Committee Meeting Sunday 18th Sept 2016

Present: D Buffham. P Holborrow, S Heppell, C Heppell, N Renton, J Parkin, L Choake

Apologies: M Bell, D Legg

Treasurer report – Paul gave overview of finances. In a very healthy position. Approx £450 of income from Go Tri’s this year. Funding available for new cross country tent to approx. £200. Club will continue to subsidise harrier league fully (individual cost of registering participants now £2 each plus club registration fee) and will continue to pay for relay entrances. Maybe need to look at funding/subsidising other events ie subsidise annual club dinner to a greater extent.

Clothing – Nikki has taken over the club clothing wrt vests, hoodies hats etc. Chris will continue to organise the tri kit from Endura. We are now using Viga as our supplier for vests and hoodies instead of Start Fitness and Davmar. Feedback from club members has been very positive.

We will not order any more of the “winter vests” from Start Fitness. This stock will be used for new members. We will move towards ordering at specific points in the calendar ie roughly every 4 months so new members know when new stock will be ordered if we don’t have stock. We will have put the last order in ASAP to catch kit for XC – Action NR

Club Championship – Dave had passed on a report to David in his absence. Club championship is very healthy and it’s great to see and hear people chatting about needing to get a certain distance run in for the championship. The aim was to promote club participation in certain local events which it has most certainly achieved.

Paul O’Neil has agreed to run the Parkrun Challenge next year.

We need to review the awards for this year’s championship and maybe extend the prizes – action for next committee meeting

New Leaders – we are always on the lookout for new leaders. Sue will talk to TBSF wrt funding. We need to look at possible B and C group leaders. Current leaders to ask their groups if anyone is interested.

Cross Country – 51 have pre-registered, 3 juniors, 21 ladies and 27 men – the most we have evr had pre-registering! Registrations close on 23rd September.

It was agreed that the club will pay for anyone entering the North East Championship.

Elliott Ward will be the mens captain this year.

We will purchase some new flasks to meet the increased demand with the number of participants registering.

Tent – A new cross country tent was discussed in detail. Matty had provided some suggestions as to possible tent to buy. It was discussed whether one larger tent or a second tent should be purchased. The decision was that a second smaller tent would be better – easier to carry/transport and give more flexible options whilst at XC. David to discuss with Matty.


C2C – has been booked for 24/25th June 2017. All 16 places have been taken within one week of sending information and deposits have been paid.

Swim hats – Sue is looking into buying some club swimming hats.

Jon Parkin – will not be re-joining his membership for the 2017/18 season due to the ongoing saga of the knee problem and will be retiring from running and from the committee. The committee thanked him for all his hard work and support especially with cross country. Without him, the club would not have got involved in the NEHL and will be missed by all.




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