Keilder Duathlon – Sun 3rd Dec

Two Ponteland Runners, Paul Gerrard and Chris Heppell, took part in the Keilder Duathlon on a cold, very cold morning.  It was very clear on the drive up and the 4cm of snow should have warned us about conditions, upon arriving the temperature gauge in the car registered -5.5, even heading home mid-afternoon it was still well below freezing. 185 single competitors and 15 teams took part, with 167 completing the course.  Winning time was an incredible 2hr 02min from Harry Coates of Wallsend Harriers with the final finisher in 4hr 35min.  Paul completed in 3hr 9min in 95th place and Chris in 2hr 41min in 42nd place. Full results are available here. Looking at the transition times both have much to learn as they were extremely slow between disciplines.  Would highly recommend the experience to all as the views were stunning on a glorious day.  It’s fell running and mountain biking, mostly on snow and ice this year, but great fun. As with the Harrier League it adds more options to events out of season.