6th Anniversary of TBSF

Three of our leaders in running fitness were invited along to a very special VIP event hosted by the Tony Blair Sports Foundation (TBSF) to celebrate their 6th Anniversary.

The event was a breakfast meeting at the Copthorne Hotel on the quayside and was attended by Tony Blair as well as Arlene Ainsley and Jeanette Pickard from the TBSF. Tony gave a short speech followed by him sitting at each  table to spend time talking to everyone about their volunteering roles.

Suzanne Dunn &  Kelly Graham are 2 of the TBSF’s newest members (and will be doing the LiRF course next weekend) and were invited along with me. We all had a fab morning and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The TBSF have been instrumental in the development of our club with the majority of our leaders being part or wholly funded by the TBSF.

Thanks TBSF for a really enjoyable morning!