Harrier League – Race 1, Cramlington 10th Oct 2014

Cramlington cross country race report.
This comes courtesy of Kelly Hymer, a cross country first timer today:

A first timers guide on how not to do your first Cross Country:
When I think of Cross Country my mind instantly goes back to dragging myself round the school field in cold, wet conditions. Mistake number one, too many layers, turns out not all Cross Country events are in wet and windy conditions. Today was surprisingly sunny for a October afternoon and so after my first lap I was melting. Mistake number two, wearing brand new trainers for an event. What a rookie error. Consequently, I am now sporting a blister of epic proportions. However, the route was quite nice. Not as flat as had been advertised (sorry about that Kelly! Jon P). The beginning stretch was a little bumpy and having a mass of runners around did make it a little hard to negotiate, but once passed that it wasn’t so bad. I did do a little tumble and had to use the lady in front to stop me going down. Luckily, she was more steady on her feet and wasn’t to upset I groped her bum. There was a rather sharp climb towards the end of the first lap. I am all for gender equality but could not have done THAT 3 times! (Sorry lads). Twice was more than enough! And so to the finish line I plodded – hot , sweaty, wishing I hadn’t let my training slip over the past month or so, but ultimately happy I made it round in one piece and didn’t have to stop or walk.

And then for the important part, with my steeliest Paul Hollywood gaze, I made sure to sample ALL of the cakes, brownies and flapjack that were provided! It’s only fair. In conclusion, the course was a little harder than I expected, the temperature was a little hotter than I’d dressed for but the atmosphere and support was second to none! And now I sit at home with a warm glow of achievement, nice cup of tea, belly still full of cake, counting the weeks until next time…