Kielder Open Water Swim

Only me taking part in this one for Ponteland Tri so just a quick report.

There were three distance available to race:- 1 mile, 2.4 miles (“Iron” distance) and a massive 10 kilometres with feed stations. Presumably the feed stations are a bit like how they feed a seal at the zoo so sensibly I opted for the 2.4 mile option. I also wanted to gauge how I would feel afterwards if I then had to then immediately cycle 112 miles (as I will next year).

The weather was perfect, the event was well marshalled and the race was nowhere near as boisterous as an open water swim is when part of a full triathlon. The water was a refreshing 13.5 degrees but the chance to swim in the clear calm waters more than made up for the numb feet and fingers despite wearing shoes and gloves. Mrs L probably had a tougher time watching as she had to fend off the entire midge population of Northumberland on the shoreline!

Definitely recommended to other members for next year. Although I wouldn’t go for the non-wetsuit approach of some competitors!