“For whom the bell tolls” Sherman Cup Cross Country

Who’d like to be the person to do the cross country race report after Helen O’Neils amazing one last time out? Oh that’ll be me then. So here we go:-

Temple Park South Shields was the venue for yesterday’s Sherman Cup – presumably it’s called this because the winner gets to take home an American tank but I couldn’t see it in the car park.

Only 5 men for us today (lame excuses like taking part in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii will only wash for so long Martin Hallissey!) but a strong turnout of 11 ladies meant our tent was pretty full at times today. After the now usual large dose of flag envy the races commenced.

The course itself was fast and pretty flat and a special note of thanks to the great marshals who were very encouraging throughout. Some great runs again today from so many of the club resulted in 13th position overall in the female seniors and 18th in the male veterans.

The highlights of the day were undoubtedly the wearing of the new woolly hat in club colours and the noisy jangling of the cowbells that came free with the hats. Girls, I know I look miserable when I run past but your support makes me so much faster (even if it is just to get away from the noise)


So, two races into my new cross country experience I’m able to confirm that:-

  • It’s always sunny and warm
  • There are always delicious cakes
  • There are always noisy ladies cheering you on when you race
  • There is always someone that trips up on the first lap
  • There is always a large group of people that laugh at the person that trips up
  • There is a strong chance that I’ll be the person that trips up at some point so I shouldn’t laugh

Roll on the 21st of November and Aykley Heads (where there are NO steep hills apparently)

Full results available from http://harrierleague.com/results/2015-16/cup-shield/