Sanitas Marca Alicante 10K

Sanitas Marca Alicante 10K – What do you do on a family holiday to Spain at Half Term? Find a race to do, of course. This street race around Alicante was very well organised, with closed roads, a great organisational set up and a decent T-shirt for the €12 entry. Obviously, that meant missing the thrill of dodging the traffic on a drizzly day that you get on a Run Northumberland event but, hey, you can’t have everything.

There weren’t so many in the “veteranos gaggie” category but I was pleased to finish second, just twelve seconds behind the winner and in 104th position overall. I think I was   probably the first Ponteland Runner home (unless you know different) and quite possibly first Brit as well, which presumably qualifies me to represent my country somewhere or other. This race is part of a series run around Spain (there was a 5k as well) and would be another great way to do a club trip to somewhere warm in the North East’s cooler months. Adios. David Buffham.