Druridge Bay XC Race Report – 28 November 2015

Pont Runners do Cross Country, At blowy Druridge Bay,

Jon Parkin pitched the tent with pride, Gateshead’s blew away!


First time at this venue, A new one for this season,

What would the terrain be like? Tough beyond good reason!


U11 girls ran first, Abigail, Freya & Nina,

Finished high up in the field, Faster, stronger, leaner!


U15 Boys were next, Fin our sole Pont vest,

Third run of this season, But definitely his best!


And so the girls were next to run, Full strength and looking healthy,

Spikes on tight and numbers pinned, Just time for one last ‘selfie’!


They ran with pace, they ran with power, Two tough laps to endure,

And finished with exhaustion, That only cake can cure!


And finally the senior men, ‘Bang’, and off we charge,

Mud is flying everywhere, So ‘elbows out’ and barge!


The course was well chewed up by now, Wet and somewhat nippy,

Three gruelling laps of sticky mud, Always thick and slippy!


And so to the sprint finish, Cheered on by voice and bell,

The girls’ support was brilliant, They brought us home so well!


And now the best bit to enjoy, Sweet cake and savoury pastry,

They’d surely win the ‘Bake Off’ For being so light and tasty!


We survived the brutal weather, With horizontal rain,

The Town Moor for the next one, To do it all again!