Ponteland WheelBarrow Race 1st Jan 2017

Great to see a big turnout from the Ponteland Runners Ladies for a cold midday run round Ponteland.  It’s a short race of around a mile, but with a slight handicap of pushing your partner in a wheelbarrow.

Too much fun was being had to even begin to know what the results were at the moment. The ladies all seemed to enjoy themselves to the extent that most appear to be planning to race the event again next year.

Best dressed award for Pont Runners goes to Mark Kelly (on left) for a very smart appearance.  Congratulations to James Leiper and his partner for a win in the open race, and to Mark Turnbull and partner for second place.

Will add more detail and photo’s to the race report once available.

The ladies did mention that it wasn’t a great turnout from the men and this needs to be fixed next year…..  Maybe we can tempt Paul O’Neil and John McGargill to add to double park-runs for new year with a jog with a barrow in pont…..