Kirkley Big 10 Miler – Race Report

11 club members took part in this fairly well established local race in cold icy conditions producing some great performances and times.

With all the men finishing in the top 50 and the ladies also putting in strong performances this was a good day at the office.


10 miles is not a common race distance but I’m not quite sure why as it gives anyone building up to their first half marathon a great idea of what to expect.

Amazingly the start time was only delayed by a couple of minutes which pleased the gathered frozen 400 runners on the start line. Absolute respect to Roland and Rob braving the conditions in just a club vest and shorts (Roland dispelling the “softy southerner” myth in the process).

The course uses mostly the same route as the Kirkley half marathon which generally means an overall downhill second half with the wind on your back. It’s up and down the whole time so you’re never far from the next hill to moan about.

Special mention to Matty Levison who not only did the longest run of his life but also broke 70 minutes in the process. Another Levison at the club is very worried about his rapid progress!