Druridge Bay XC report

Running around a field in Northumberland made Arran Stephenson go all poetic.

As the club was competing all over the globe.

Be that Spain, Northumberland or closer to home.

A gang of boys and girls from Pont,

went to a field in Druridge for a gallop and trot.

As the rain fell from the sky, discussions about spikes and grass

Led many to change their footwear

as to hopefully stop falling on their ass.

The teams smiled gleefully,

as the whistle sounded ominously

Two or three laps of up and down, and up

Lead other clubs to scream “that’s enough.”

But not our brave lases and lads from Pont!

The pressure of cooking was too much for some,

as many brought buns from Tesco,

we agreed that Claire makes the best cake,

which went swiftly from muddy hand, into face.

Esme was first Pont across the tape

quickly followed by Mrs H, first name Grace

With young Matthew Levision proving good blood lines

and Ray Smedley avoiding a fine,

by making sure his number was visibly on display

on his thermal and club top, with some questioning “is that the man from Milk Tray?”

We all had fun I am sure, be that newbie, oldie or Chairman Dave

Who decided sit on a chair, to wave!

Hopefully we are still top of the league

So home for a hot shower and cup of tea.

Then on to Arkley

“Come on Ponte-land!”

For sure the best club in the land.

(I’m sorry, please don’t judge me on my rhythm and verse)