Go Tri Ponteland #3 – 17th July 2019

The weather is usually great for our Go Tri’s, but not this one, the last one of the year. Light rain started at 16:30 just as we started to put out transition and the evening continued between light rain with some heavier rain until shortly after we had cleared everything up and had gone home. The timing was perfectly aligned to make sure we all got wet but that didn’t stop the fun and enjoyment. It was a sell out event although I think the rain put off quite a few as we had a number of no-shows on the day. There were a larger than usual number of novices which did make for a particulary easy going event without the display of top-end time trial bikes on show.

54 competitors started (and completed) on the night. The results are shown in the table below. I’m not sure if this had anything to do with the rain or not but we had a few missing timepoints (I don’t usually get missing time pooints and it’s the only difference so go figure) so if you see ###### we didn’t manage to record a time for you so I am sorry we missed that time for you but we did get final times for everyone.

Competiton was fiercly fought between Daniel and Chris for first place but in the end it was Daniels spectacular run that made sure he got the first place position by an incredible 1 second!