Committee Meeting 2nd July 2017

Committee Meeting 2nd July 19:00

Present: DB, PH, SH, CH, NR

Clothing update:

Various problems have been experienced with the supplier Viga, communication has not been good. NR trying to resolve.

Road Relays – Funding required for Gosforth relays, PH will provide.

Run leaders schedule – Previous scheduling method of CH sending out a spreadsheet now being replaced by an online google sheet. Leaders add themselves to dates they can make. CH will send details to the leaders my email once implemented.


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Happy New Year to everyone! Its time to start planning your campaign to win the 2020 Club Championship! The format has been changed to focus on a select few races which should be really exciting events with a great turn out and atmosphere. Your best 1 from 4 at each distance (short, medium and long) will count. For 2020 there is the added bonus of the Amsterdam marathon weekend races that are already very popular with club members. There are also bonuses for representing the club at the main Harrier League cross country and relays – both of which are free to club members. One big change is that for 2020 there will be separate mens and womens competitions with prizes to the top 3 in each. I am expecting some more fabulous racing by club members in 2020. Full list of races and rules –

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