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Triathlon England North East Club of the Year 2017!

“Ponteland Tri” is the Triathlon section of Ponteland Runners.  Ponteland Runners added a Triathlon section in August 2013,  prior to 2013 the Running club had a number of members who completed in Triathlon and the affiliation was prompted by keen members who wanted to add the support from Triathlon England to the club.  Now that the club is affiliated with TriAthlon England it is beginning a journey to offer tri specific sessions in Ponteland for people who wish to get into Duathlon & Triathlon.

We have 7 coaches with both Level 2 British Triathlon qualifications, plus a coach with Level 1 British Triathlon qualification.  We have long term plans to provide sessions for juniors and seniors as an introduction to Duathlon & Triathlon. The new section of Ponteland Runners is called “Ponteland Tri” but it still refers to the same club and is wholly managed by the Ponteland Runners Committee and Constitution.  If you have any interest in trying Duathlon or Triathlon get in touch and we will support you all the way.  Club members of “Ponteland Runners” are also members of “Ponteland Tri” as its just two names for the same club.

Ponteland members regularly compete in triathlons across the North East and also further afield in longer distance “Ironman” events.   Each year we also organise “Go Tri” events to encourage participation from existing and new club members, especially those who’ve not tried Tri’s before.  We run sessions to assist people in their preparation so that they can really enjoy the day.

Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to discuss.  If you’ve never tried a Duathlon or Triathlon in the past then Ponteland Runners is the perfect club to assist you in completing your first event.

Ponteland Tri would recommend individual membership of Triathlon England as it provides insurance benefits whilst training and reduced entry fees when racing in BTF events.  Use the link below to join.


Triathlon England Membership

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