Monday 08-10-2012 Training Session

Monday’s session will a 3 x 1km intervals, using Darras Road between Broadway and Eastern Way. It would be best if everyone has a stop watch with them to time their own 1km intervals.

We are going to warm up on an easy circuit of a mile through the village and then head onto Runnymede road for slightly increased run up to Moor Lane, those ahead to loop back so we all re-group at corner of Moor Land/Runnymede. Easy jog up Moor Lane to the start of the 1km.
First 1km interval which should be at 60% effort.
Recover up Runnymede road for the second pass at the 1km interval.
Second 1km interval at 75% effort.
Another recovery round runnymede.
Third 1km effort at 90%.
The timing should be faster than the first and second efforts, unless you tried too hard at the first & second efforts!!!
Then a very easy jog back through the village to the sports centre.

Total running distance is 7.6miles, we should be complete around 21:20.