Latest Run Session Schedule

The latest schedule for run sessions from Jan to end of March 2016 is now available on the website here.

A copy of the schedule is show below for reference.

Date Day Group Leader Session
21/12/2015 Monday A Matty Bell Hill Repeats
21/12/2015 Monday B David Buffham Ladywell Way
23/12/2015 Wednesday A Matty Bell Chrismas Special
23/12/2015 Wednesday B Sue Heppell Chrismas Special
23/12/2015 Wednesday C Susanne Nicholson Chrismas Special
28/12/2015 Monday A N/A N/A
28/12/2015 Monday B N/A N/A
30/12/2015 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon 0.5km Efforts
30/12/2015 Wednesday B Peter Bartholomew Ladywell Way
30/12/2015 Wednesday C Tina Kelly Pyramid Intervals
04/01/2016 Monday A Chris Heppell Ladywell Way
04/01/2016 Monday B Nikki Renton 0.5km Efforts
06/01/2016 Wednesday A David Buffham Pyramid Intervals
06/01/2016 Wednesday B Sue Heppell Pyramid Intervals
06/01/2016 Wednesday C Colin Coultard 30/30, 60/60, 90/90
11/01/2016 Monday A Matty Bell 1 mile Efforts
11/01/2016 Monday B David Buffham 1 km Efforts
13/01/2016 Wednesday A Matty Bell 30/30, 60/60, 90/90
13/01/2016 Wednesday B Tina Kelly 20/20, 30/30, 40/40
13/01/2016 Wednesday C Suzanne Dunn 0.5km Efforts
18/01/2016 Monday A Matty Bell Fartlek Session
18/01/2016 Monday B Nikki Renton Fartlek Session
20/01/2016 Wednesday A Chris Heppell Hills Kenyon Style
20/01/2016 Wednesday B Tina Kelly Build Efforts
20/01/2016 Wednesday C Susanne Nicholson Indian File and Build Effort
25/01/2016 Monday A Chris Heppell Hill Repeats
25/01/2016 Monday B Nikki Renton Hill Repeats
27/01/2016 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon Technique
27/01/2016 Wednesday B Peter Bartholomew Technique
27/01/2016 Wednesday C Tina Kelly Technique
01/02/2016 Monday A Chris Heppell 1 km Efforts
01/02/2016 Monday B Nikki Renton Ladywell Way
03/02/2016 Wednesday A Chris Heppell X Minute Efforts
03/02/2016 Wednesday B Sue Heppell Flexibility drills
03/02/2016 Wednesday C Colin Coultard X Minute Efforts
08/02/2016 Monday A Chris Heppell Multiple Short Efforts
08/02/2016 Monday B Nikki Renton Multiple Short Efforts
10/02/2016 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon Indian File and Build Effort
10/02/2016 Wednesday B Sue Heppell Indian File and Build Effort
10/02/2016 Wednesday C Susanne Nicholson Build Efforts
15/02/2016 Monday A Chris Heppell Flexibility Drills
15/02/2016 Monday B David Buffham Intervals & Handicap
17/02/2016 Wednesday A Matty Bell Build Efforts
17/02/2016 Wednesday B Sue Heppell Hills Kenyan Style
17/02/2016 Wednesday C Susanne Nicholson Multiple Short Efforts
22/02/2016 Monday A Chris Kenyon Intervals & Handicap
22/02/2016 Monday B David Buffham X minute efforts
24/02/2016 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon Hills (Downhill running)
24/02/2016 Wednesday B Peter Bartholomew Hills (Downhill running)
24/02/2016 Wednesday C Tina Kelly Flexibility Drills
29/02/2016 Monday A David Buffham X Minute Efforts
29/02/2016 Monday B Nikki Renton X Minute Efforts
02/03/2016 Wednesday A Matty Bell Multiple Short Efforts
02/03/2016 Wednesday B Sue Heppell Multiple Short Efforts
02/03/2016 Wednesday C Colin Coultard Hills (Downhill running)
07/03/2016 Monday A Chris Heppell Hill Repeats
07/03/2016 Monday B Nikki Renton Hill Repeats
09/03/2016 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon Long Hill Efforts
09/03/2016 Wednesday B Tina Kelly Long Hill Efforts
09/03/2016 Wednesday C Colin Coultard Fartlek Session
14/03/2016 Monday A Chris Heppell Ladywelll Way
14/03/2016 Monday B Nikki Renton Fartlek Session
16/03/2016 Wednesday A Matty Bell 1 mile Efforts
16/03/2016 Wednesday B Sue Heppell 1 km Efforts
16/03/2016 Wednesday C Susanne Nicholson Ladywell Way
21/03/2016 Monday A Chris Heppell Fartlek Session
21/03/2016 Monday B David Buffham Fartlek Session
23/03/2016 Wednesday A Chris Kenyon Indian File and Build Effort
23/03/2016 Wednesday B Peter Bartholomew Indian File and Build Effort
23/03/2016 Wednesday C Susanne Nicholson Hills Kenyan Style
28/03/2016 Monday A NO SESSION Easter Monday
28/03/2016 Monday B NO SESSION Easter Monday
30/03/2016 Wednesday A Matty Bell Multiple Short Efforts
30/03/2016 Wednesday B Sue Heppell Multiple Short Efforts
30/03/2016 Wednesday C Colin Coultard Multiple Short Efforts

New Schedule of Club Sessions

The club has just published the latest shedule of sessions and leaders taking us throught to July 2015.  You can view the schedule here,  or by using the menu’s and navigating to “Training” and then “Club Run Sessions Mar-July 2015”.

Watch out also on facebook as the club usually has social runs on Tuesday 19:00hrs, Thursday 09:00hrs, Friday 19:00hrs and a Sunday long run at 09:00hrs.  These are all organised on facebook on top of the structured club sessions.

Benefits of Core Training


We have a recent new member of Ponteland Runners called Joe Bell.  Joe is a Personal Trainer and runs multiple boot camp sessions each week.  His website shows the various sessions.  If you’d like to add something extra to your running core training certainly helps.

Fit Life Training provides all the details you’ll need.  I’ve also added a link to his website at the bottom of our homepage for future reference.  Joe is usually running with us on Monday’s and Friday’s so you can always have a chat during a club run if your interested.


Monday 08-10-2012 Training Session

Monday’s session will a 3 x 1km intervals, using Darras Road between Broadway and Eastern Way. It would be best if everyone has a stop watch with them to time their own 1km intervals.

We are going to warm up on an easy circuit of a mile through the village and then head onto Runnymede road for slightly increased run up to Moor Lane, those ahead to loop back so we all re-group at corner of Moor Land/Runnymede. Easy jog up Moor Lane to the start of the 1km.
First 1km interval which should be at 60% effort.
Recover up Runnymede road for the second pass at the 1km interval.
Second 1km interval at 75% effort.
Another recovery round runnymede.
Third 1km effort at 90%.
The timing should be faster than the first and second efforts, unless you tried too hard at the first & second efforts!!!
Then a very easy jog back through the village to the sports centre.

Total running distance is 7.6miles, we should be complete around 21:20.