Cross country running – the North East Harrier League

As a growing club we are committed to providing our members with opportunities to enjoy running and racing in a variety of forms.  Over the winter the opportunities to race on the roads is much reduced compared to the summer and cross country can provide a fun alternative to help keep interest levels high.  As long as you have some off-road footwear (either spikes or trail shoes – because it will be muddy!) then you are as ready as any of us to give it a try. 

The club is to be represented by both a men’s and women’s team this year and in total 15 members are going to tests themselves against the terrain and elements.  The team could always use more runners and if you want to try this type of racing it is not too late to give it a go – you can be registered on the day of a race if need be.   

The first race is to be held in just under 3 weeks time in Cramlington (27th October) and an e-mail will be sent to all those registered to find out who is planning to run in the first fixture.  Good luck to everyone involved and the website will be updated with results and news as we progress through the season.