Haven Point Triathlon – Sunday 5th July

As always, triathlon means an early morning start, but it’s so much easier when the weather proves to be warm. Ponteland Tri had 2 in the sea swim and 6 in the pool swim based events on Sunday.  The brave athletes in the sea, Andy Gowens and Dave Legg had a 07:00hrs start from the hooter for a run into the sea,  but for braving the cold and the early start they were finished before the rest had even started the pool based swim. The video above looks great and does not give any indication of how cold or how strong the current was when Dave and Andy swam out.  Can’t actually spot them on the video but worth posting anyway.  In the pool we had Miriam Jessett, Mark Kelly, Paul Gerrard, Keith Errington and Sue and Chris Heppell.  All starting at times between 09:04 and 09:30. Well worth the wait to swim in a heated pool……

I did manage to cheer Andy on as he ran from the sea to T1 but he wasn’t enthusiastic about the sea swim and mentioned something about it being cold, can’t recal exactly what he said but I got the impression he was glad to be out.

Dave came across to the finish line to support the pool based participants and looked fresh and warm, so you won’t have be able to tell he’ll already finished his event.  As we all arrived we all suffered the same problem of not knowing exactly where the finish line was and having to run that additional 100metres really costs you.  Great support was provided from the fire bridage and their volunteers.  The event also included kids triathlon’s so it was great to be crossing the line along with 6 year old tri-stars.

Highly recommended to all as it’s a great 8-lane pool, closed roads and a great run along the sea front. I’m sure Andy and Dave will promote the sea swim also, although we may find them in the pool next year…..

Results for the sea swim are 9th for Andy Gowens in the Supervets and 47th for Dave in the Vets.

Results for the pool swim are 1st for Miriam in the Youths, 2nd for Chris Heppell in the Vets and 4th for Sue Heppell in the Vets,  Keith coming 8th, Paul 16th and Mark 20th all in the Vets.  Great results for all,  and worth mentioning that Keith posted the fastest bike leg of all the pool based participants.

Picture to the left is Chris in the final run in to the finish which was in the park just round the corner.