Ashington Sprint Tri Mon 2nd May 2016

The forecast looked promising, at least for temperature, but the wind forecast wasn’t good. Looking out the window in the morning, at 05:30 when I woke, saw the trees swaying in the wind and I knew it would be hard work.

Twelve Ponteland Tri members were competing at Ashington so it was going to be a good event for the club. The new leisure center facilities hosted a great new 6 lane pool and as a consequence the run route had moved to Ashington woods and the bike leg had added a little extra distance.

David Stroud brought the club home first with a great time on all three disciplines. Excellent transitions as well shows David certainly has the speed for the short distance even when training for the longer events. Mark Kelly and myself battled with a couple of slower swimmers in our lane who certainly didn’t want to let us past. Eventually Mark, John and myself all exited the pool and headed into transition at about the same time. Mark decided to rebuild his sunglasses and put a few extra layers whilst in transition whereas John and myself headed straight out to battle the wind.

The wind heading west was severe and made the bike leg hard work, ( Not that it seemed to slow David at all….. )

Danny had a mechanical and had to retire during the bike leg, great shame as he’s just getting back to running.  Our newest club member, Christine showed great determination in her first tri with a good showing in all disciplines. Emma finished in a great time, although that’s not how she discribed it at first……. and Tina, who said she couldn’t run managed to run the full 5km.

Viv has a great race but the results need correcting as they don’t, as yet, have her finishing time.

There are more photo’s on our facebook page for anyone interested, just look at the latest album.

Final photo to the left is Viv looking far too happy at the end of her run. Well done Viv.