Ponteland Tri Go-Tri #1 Wed 22nd June

The first Go-Tri in 2016 for Ponteland Tri went off really well. We had 49 entrants, although we only got 42 on the day due to late work committments, illnesses and injuries. The marshalling from the club volunteers was brilliant and the weather couldn’t have been better.

Great to see a nice mix from experienced triathletes to beginners all enjoying the event, and this year we had a very competitive team competition between some club member families, a re-match may be required once we see the results!!

Although a low cost Go-Tri we did manage to manually log T1 and T2 times to give the participants as much of the triathlon experience as we could. This along with having race numbers written on their arms worked well in giving the full “tri” experience.

Swimmers started at 30 second intervals in the pool and in no time we had swimmers along with people in transition and bikes flying out to the mount line. With the short distances in a go-tri the event is soon in full swing and then very quickly over.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and we will upload as many photos as we can to our facebook page so look there for additional photos.

Anyway, here are the results. Well done to all and hope to see you again on Wed July 13th.

All the best from Ponteland Tri Volunteers.