Hexham Junior Triathlon 9th July 2017

Race report from Josh and Megan Kelly

Q. Why did you want to do a triathlon?

A. Josh – I was inspired by my parents doing them all the time! (Ha ha, I’ll give you the £20 later! – Tina)

A. Megan – To be fitter!

Q. What did you think of your first triathlon?

A. Josh – People need to be more careful in the swimming bit.

A. Megan – It was quite good.

Q. What was the worst bit?

A. Josh – Almost drowning when I was swum over multiple times!

A Megan – The run, I got a stitch on my first lap, but then I thought of Mo Farah and I thought I have to do this!

Q. What was the best bit?

A. Josh – Hmm, pouring the water over my head (at the water station on the run) it was refreshing and gave me an energy boost.

A. Megan – The bike because it was really easy and I was really hot coming out of the pool so it cooled me down.

Q. Would you do another triathlon?

A. Josh – Yes.

A. Megan – Yes, definitely.

Q. What would you say to any kid wanting to do a triathlon?

A. Josh – Make sure you keep up the pace with everyone else in the swim.

A. Megan – Don’t be nervous, there’s nothing to worry about!

Josh later on …. Where’s my £20 then? J