Borders & Bridges Triathlon – Sun 3rd Sept

Stop the bus, a triathlon where the weather was actually pleasant…. An early start but well worth it for a cracking event.  Everything TRI did wrong, the Tweed Triathlon Club do right. Really well marshalled (except for the the lady in my swim lane who thought it would be funny to have me do an extra two lengths!). The roads were well signed and the setting more than compares to Bamburgh and Alnwick.

After an ok swim and seething over the minute lost, it was my usual dithering transition and on to my least accomplished discipline but even on an undulating course I really enjoyed the bike run. Great views which takes in 3 bridge crossings and dipping across the border a couple times.

A marginally quicker T2 and we’re on the run. A lovely steep downhill start but I couldn’t get the thought out the back of my mind that I’d have to go back up it to finish (aaagh!). Crossing the bridge across the Tweed and rounding the town walls it was good to pick off a few that were ahead from the ride and suffering from the hill finish which is the only time I’ll ever say I appreciate Kenyan Hills ha ha.

And so we’re done and I have to settle for 2nd again in the VINTAGE category.

Vintage I ask you? Bloody cheek! I’d love to say that it means I’ll mature with age but there is no parallel between describing ageing wine and old men!

All said and done, this is a definite for next year….